T he lack of insurance for geological hazards means that homeowners and businesses can lose a great deal of money if an unforeseen geoaccident happens.  Dr. Jack Shroder has 45 years of world-wide experience studying Earth-surface processes, advising the US Government, writing technical reports and publishing scientific papers and books.  In dozens of cases, Dr. Shroder has never lost a geoscience case in court for 35 years.  Ninety-five percent of the cases for which he worked as an expert witness in the past decade and a half were settled successfully out of court.


Geoscience and GISc is used by Dr. Shroder for solving problems with environment and development, as well as investigation and analysis of a wide variety of geospatial analytical problems, remote sensing, and information gathering in geographic information science (GISc).  His geospatial specialty areas are the Rocky Mountains and South Asia, with emphasis on Colorado, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal.  Physical environmental problems are current efforts, including assessments of snow and ice water storage in Hindu Kush and Himalaya, water availability downstream, landslide and flood hazards, and terrain assessments.  Recent grant and contract work includes Afghanistan Immersion training for US military personnel, validation of the NATO flood model for Afghanistan, and working with Kabul Polytechnic University, Geology Department to upgrade teaching level in Historical Geology, Plate Tectonics, and Geohydrology, as well as Kabul University Hydrogeology.


Shroder Consulting work is compatible with geologic problems in personal and corporate real estate, legal forensics and personal injury cases, and government contracts and grants. Rates commensurate with nature of job (private, corporate, government) and size of job.

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